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In recent years, the demand for blueberries in the world has been growing. Fresh berries, neatly laid out in small containers, are eagerly bought by fans of healthy lifestyles, young parents. Blue, juicy, sweet, they add a delicious touch to berry mixes with red currants and gooseberries.

Farmers were the first in Belarus to master the new direction - growing tall blueberries. The bulk of the grown crop is exported to Russia. Blueberry bushes are also gradually reclaiming areas from traditional garden and horticultural crops on the backyard squares.

It's actually easy to grow blueberries - they hardly get sick and are less demanding on nutrition than, for example, raspberries or apple trees. But in order for blueberries to take root and feel good, they need to create certain conditions. This is what will be discussed in "Secrets of the OWNER" dedicated to this tasty and healthy berry.

This guide to tall blueberries was prepared by the editorial staff of the magazine "Khozyain". We have chosen this type of blueberry because it is the most widespread and demanded in Belarus among berry producers and consumers. The publication contains all the necessary information that may be needed at the stage of choosing a seedling, planting it and in the process of caring for a blueberry plantation. These tips and tricks are intended for both small backyard owners and semi-industrial production.

To simplify the selection, we reviewed the popular varieties and suitable soils. Also in this special issue you will find recommendations for choosing a site for planting, you will learn how to choose the right seedling. We will tell you about planting schemes, weed control, watering and fertilizing blueberries with mineral fertilizers. Let's introduce blueberry pests. We will help you diagnose if your blueberry is sick. In addition to the traditional technology of growing blueberries in the open field, you may find it interesting to grow this crop in containers. In Poland, for example, this method is gaining popularity. Or do you want to arrange a big bag boarding? Let's share our Belarusian experience. The publication contains advice of scientists on growing tall blueberries, as well as practical developments and experience of Belarusian blueberry breeders. We will be glad if it turns out to be useful to you. Good harvests!

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